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7/30/99 Pioneer is holding a huge laserdisc clearance sale (supposedly over 950 titiles) at both and  All titiles are 7.99+ shipping.  Hurry over because the good titles are going fast.

Also, Pioneer has annouced that Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence is coming to Laserdisc.  Life is due out in October and carries a MSRP of 29.98.

7/23/99There is a glut of titles due out this week or the next.  Titles available this week include A Civil Action,  Enemy Of The State,  Paris Concert For Amnesty International,  24 Hour Woman,  Arrival 2,  Brooklyn State Of Mind,  Memorial Day,  Surface To Air and  Virus.  Titles due out next week include Blast From The Past,  Fandango, Peacemaker,  She's All That, Stargate, Thin Red Line, October Sky, Patch Adams:Signature Coll. (finally), Payback, Chosen One:Legend Of The Raven and Mother's Day:Dir.Cut. (delayed to 8/10)  With this many titles coming out, I wouldn't  be surprised if one of more of these titles are delayed a week or two.  Incidentally, I don't know what is so special about the special edition version of Virus on DVD.  The packaging only mentions cast bio's, a trailer, foreign language soundtrack (French if I remember right), and web links as extras.   In other words, nothing special.

An Italian film, Cat in the Brain, has been announced for LD.  It is directed by Lucio Fulci and is about a filmmaker framed for murder.  Cat in the Brain includes an Italian soundtrack, theatrical trailer, stills and a video of the director at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in 1996.   The LD will be $49.98 and is scheduled to be released August 17.

My server search is finished.  I have decided to park myself at Crosswinds.   They do not have pop-up windows or any sort of banner. In addition, they give me plenty of megabytes to work with.  They are a little slow at times but so far the server hasn't been down much at all, unlike Nettaxi.  Anyway, with this search behind me, I'm going to focus more on content instead of trying to get my page working.

7/16/99 Pioneer Entertainment threw the Laserdisc community into a panic when they released a poorly written press release titled "Pioneer Entertainment Announces Shift to DVD and VHS Complete."  One sentence in the press release referred to the end of laserdisc production.  However, I dashed off an email to Pioneer and they had this to say "...the Carson warehouse plant isn't closing and we will still distribute laserdiscs from Paramount and Universal. We are not canceling the production of laserdiscs entirely either. We are only shifting our focus onto DVD and VHS since this is what the distributors are asking for. Also, the announced laserdiscs will not be canceled."   I assume the press release was stating what already happened: Pioneer stopped making karaoke (no big loss) and anime laserdiscs.

As I had speculated last month, the Mummy is coming to Laserdisc as part of Universal's Signature Collection.  It will include director's commentary, making of feature, deleted scenes and trailers.  It will be priced at $34.98 and is scheduled to be released September 28, 1999.  Also coming to laserdisc around that time is the remake of The Out of Towners starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn for $29.98.

Here's an interesting rumor: The Indiana Jones trilogy could be re-released on laserdisc.  It is being re-released on VHS in October along with a couple of the Young Indiana Jones TV movies.  I doubt Pioneer will pass up a chance to release Indiana Jones again (although they did pass up a chance a couple years ago).  I contacted Paramount about the trilogy and predictably they could not help me with my laserdisc question.  However, they said there are no plans for the trilogy to appear on DVD anytime soon.  I also sent an email to Pioneer but I haven't received a reply yet.

7/5/99 Image Entertainment has announced their September releases (I don't know what happened to the July and August releases.  I guess the website folks took off early for the 4th of July.)  Interesting stuff even thought they only announced five titles. They include the 1962 musical Gypsy starring Natalie Wood, the 1954 drama The Silver Chalice featuring Paul Newman's first ever performance, Trog from 1970 featuring Joan Crawford's last role, the 1936 horror story The Walking Dead starring Boris Karloff and the 1968 animated Beatles movie The Yellow Submarine.  It's refreshing to know that movies other than recent blockbusters are still being released on laserdisc.  Now only if Warner/MGM/Image will resurrect the canceled Bogart Box (after all he was rated the number one actor of all time by the American Film Institute) . . .

On an unrelated note, I'm interested to know how fast it will take Wing Commander to show up on laserdisc.  Apparently, it's due to be released on DVD this week.  Wasn't that film in theaters less than two months ago?

Changes on my website include a change in font.  I think this font is easier to read than the default browser font (usually Times New Roman).  The font size is also fixed at 10 pt. so more than a paragraph will fit on a screen if you are viewing this site at 640x480.  If you wish, you can override these settings.  Check your browser documentation for details).  I also fixed up my FAQ, hopefully making it a little easier on the eyes.

As for my server search, I was not the only one who thought Yahoo/Geocities terms of agreement were a little outrageous.  They recently changed their agreement (see story at Wired).  I signed up with but I am not happy with their service.  Their banner add is 84 pixels in height where most banner ads max out at 60 pixels in height.  Also, for 2 days straight, my jpegs were replaced by ads.  So, I'm still looking . . .


June 1999