Upcoming Releases

Updated 01/22/2001

Title Preorder Date Release Date
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle - Postponed
Angela's Ashes (LBX) 6/6/2000 Postponed
Best Man (1999,LBX,DD) 1/18/2000 Postponed
Bring it On (LBX,DD) - Postponed
Dragonheart II (LBX,DD) - Postponed
Erin Brokovich (LBX,DD) - Postponed
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (LBX,DD) - Postponed
The Hurricane (1999,LBX,DD) 6/20/2000 Postponed
Isn't She Great (LBX,DD) 6/13/2000 Postponed
The Limey (P/S) 2/29/2000 Postponed
Man on the Moon (LBX,DD) 4/25/2000 Postponed
Mission Impossible 2 (LBX) 10/3/2000 Postponed
The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (LBX,DD) $29.98 - Postponed
The Original Kings of Comedy (2000, LBX) - Postponed
Rules of Engagement (LBX) $29.98 9/12/2000 Postponed
The Talented Mr. Ripley (LBX) 5/9/2000 Postponed
Shaft (2000,LBX) - Postponed
Snow Falling on Cedars (LBX,DD) 4/25/2000 Postponed
The Story of Us (LBX,DD) 1/18/2000 Postponed
Superstar (LBX) - I'll forgive you if you don't preorder this one 2/29/2000 Postponed
U-571 (LBX,DD) 10/14/2000 Postponed
Wonder Boys (LBX, Extras) - Postponed
Note: All Titles retail for $29.98